London Town

I am convinced; London is the best city. Never have I ever been to a city with the perfect blend of historical information and new age experiences readily available. The Westminster Abbey was by far the grandest church I have been stepped foot into. The architecture, the tombs, the events hosted within the church all hold a key place in London’s history. I really appreciated the Westminster Abbey, not for it’s gorgeous structure, but it’s philosophy and dedication to commemorate leaders of movements such as Dr. Matin Luther King Jr., kings such as Henry VIII and even the greatest writers and poets throughout the centuries. What really surprised me was that many of these people were buried right beneath the ground we were walking on. The only part about the Westminster Abbey, I didn’t like was…

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is it’s bird poop.

The sightseeing of the city seems to be never ending, after finally seeing Big  Ben I thought I’ve seen it all. I was definitely wrong. St. James’s Park has to be one of the most solaceful parks in the world. I’m convinced. The park was filled with the happiest people I’ve seen which were accompanied by a breathtaking landscape.


Shortly after leaving the park, I headed to Oxford Street for a couple hours, and man o’ man, the stores that lined the street were some of the best I’ve seen in the same area. I always  find myself having to shop online while in Atlanta or going to one specific store in a mall, but Oxford Street had it all; from luxury clothing to streetwear.

Ending the night at the Spaghetti House (not the Mint leaf as planned) and Much Ado About Nothing was the perfect way to end the night. The food I got was phenomenal, the show was hilarious. Who could ask for a better conclusion to a day filled of walking through the city?



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