Westminster & Shakespeare

Today’s adventure began with an amazing walking tour in Westminster Abbey. It’s incredibly unfortunate that I couldn’t take pictures, because the Abbey was a lot more beautiful than I expected it to be. Just walking along the outside of the structure took my breath away with its vast and beautiful architecture dating back hundreds of years. Once we reached the inside, it completely blew my mind that I was in a building established many centuries ago. The grandness of the Abbey, and the tombs decorated in beautiful bright patterns was a truly humbling experience knowing that people have been buried there since the 11th century.image


Once the Abbey tour was over, during our free time, we decided to go to Oxford street. I honestly don’t believe my words can do justice on how incredible that strip of road is. Even though it’s the middle of Wednesday, teenagers and their friends filled up the sidewalks to bursting, with their arms full of shopping bags. The energy comming from the street was very laid back, but filled with the excitement of all the sites to see as you shopped. The plan is to go back again tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to document a more thorough experience of Oxford street.

Finally, the dinner before the play at Haymarket was one  that I would always remember. The menu at Mint Leaf looks really good, but somehow the generator for the whole building went out, so we all had to rush to find a new restaurant. Fortunately, a delicious Italian restaurant was able to take us on and they did not disappoint. After dinner, the play at the Haymarket theater was the icing on the cake. ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ was a very funny play performed by incredibly skilled actors. I’ve only seen one other professional play, a while ago, but I’m glad I was able to see such a great play performed by a wonderful cast, in another country.


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