London East End

For the past few days, I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of living in London and today made me decided that I’ll be moving here. (Not really, but I’m seriously considering it.) We started out day with a trip to The East End, where we met for a tour of the area. Our tour guide gave us some history of how the area related to The Child of The Jago. It was very interesting to actually visit the setting of one of the stories we read. Although the area looks much nicer now, the old photographs and descriptions helped me imagine what it must have been like living there. Despite the West End having a bad history, the modern day West End seems to be the place to be if you like vintage items, art, and South Asian food.

I was very impressed by the street art in the area. Each piece of art was colorful and unique in its own way. They each seemed to tell a story as well. I was also intrigued by some of the shops we passed, such as the café that only served cereal, the chocolate shops, and the vintage clothing stores. After our tour, we spent a couple of hours at Spitalfields Market. It was a great place to buy vintage items and clothing, great food, and awesome books. It’s amazing that the market is still running after all these years.

The day ended with a wonderful cruise on The River Thames. It was great to have such a great view of London’s artifacts and scenery.



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