Historical Wonders with Tate & Victoria and Albert Museums

Today was an amazing one filled with the inceredibly rich history of Britain. The Tate museum was a beautiful building that was filled with incredible art, mostly from the past, but some from the present. I really loved walking the timeline the museum had set up and seeing being able to see the beautiful transition art had gone through within the last four hundred years. The tour guide was.a lovely woman who really seemed to know her stuff, and she helped me gain a better understanding as to why certain paintings were relevant during their time and why they are also relevant now.

The Victoria and Albert museum is now, probably, my most favorite place in London (and it’s only Monday!). My breath was completely taken away by all the sculptures, paintings, and real life artifacts that the museum had in store. It was incredible for me to be able to see tapestries and furniture that have been so well preserved for the last few hundred years. I also really loves the fact that the miseum had exhibits that had artifacts from different regions in Asia, like Nepal and Mongolia. The tour guide was inceredibly informational and she really piqued my interest even more in world history and beautiful and well documented it is. NOTE: wi-fi was acting up so I will upload pics tomorrow.


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