Dickens Tour and Museum

Today was filled with a ton of information. It started out with a Dickens walking tour and ended with an amazing time at The Charles Dickens Museum. The walking tour gave me a better understanding of London’s history. Our tour started at Somerset House, which gave us an amazing view of the Thames River.

After walking around The City of London, seeing King’s College campus, and visiting a church, our next stop was The Charles Dickens museum. Touring the Charles Dickens museum gave me a more personal connection to ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Great Expectations.’ It was amazing to see part of the environment that inspired such great books. I felt very immersed in Charles Dickens’ life. It’s one thing to watch documentaries and to see pictures, but being in his home made me feel like I knew him. Not only was I able to get a glimpse of the rooms in which he wrote Oliver Twist, but I also gained a deeper connection by visiting the bedrooms and seeing personal belongings, such as hair brushes, pocket knives, and even locks of hair.

My favorite section of the house was the bottom floor. It was recreated with props to imitate what the setting would have looked like. Touring this floor reminded me of when I participated in my high school’s version of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” It truly made me feel like I had time traveled to the Victorian Era and relived my role in the play. After taking in all the new information I learned today, I must say I have a new perspective of Charles Dickens and Victorian London. I’m looking forward to developing more personal connections throughout this trip.




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