The City of London (but not really)

Today was a very long but interesting day with the Dickens walking tour and the Dickens museum. The walking tour was unfortunately a little exhausting, but it was incredibly informational.

As the tour guide took us around London(but not London proper), it was easy to understand how Dickens got the inspiration he did to write his novels, especially ‘Oliver Twist’. When we visited historical landmarks like Smithfield market and one of Dickens’old homes, it was easy for me to go back 200 years in my mind to see the ‘original’ London, w  xith its heavily cobbled streets floded with people going about their day and with ‘innocent’ little children, like Oliver, begging for change and picking pockets at the same time.

What I loved the most was when we were walking down the street nearing the Dickens museum. To me it seemed like a regular neighborhood, slightly posh, but nothing I would’ve expected a man of Dickens’ stature to live in. As I walked through the house, I was still surprised with how simply it was put together. Meaning that it wasn’t designed with grandeur like the typical wealthy mind, but his house gave off a very simple and humbling vibe that gave me a new appreciation for Dickens’ mastery of his writings.


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